About me.

I am a US based photographer who enjoys finding the connections between human elements and urban environments.

I have always had a love for photographs. I could get lost for hours looking through my grandparents photo albums and finding new and interesting things that I may not have seen before. I enjoyed seeing places where I have never been and people who looked interesting.

Since then, I have always been fascinated with pictures but I never really took photography serious until the early 2000s when I got my first digital camera. I started out with a point and shoot and my favorite subject was my newborn son.

As I upgraded to a "better" point and shoot, I started looking at composition and the elements that make up an interesting photo. My "eye" got trained to see what others may not, but what I wanted to share.

My photography has evolved from inanimate objects, flowers, bugs, and the like to my passion, street photography.

Street photography has brought together two interests of mine -- people watching and photography. I want my photos to make you think and wonder what the people are thinking. At times, it is obvious. Other times, however, it requires time to take in the image and then present a story in your mind.

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I have enjoyed making them.